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Annual Conference 2009

May 6-8, Montreal, Quebec

Conference Agenda

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Product Tasting Reception Exhibitors


Inspection and Marketing

Current Perspective on Listeria Control

Retailer Perspective – Meat Industry Score Card

Commitment to Canadian Supply

Drug and Feed Additive differences between Canada and the US:
are we being left behind?

Applications and Advancements in Packaging Film Technology

Honourary Membership - Mr. Roland Soucy

2009 President’s Award - Mr. Wilhelm Huber Sr.

2009 Science & Technology Award - Mr. Wayne Robertson

 Effect of bacteriocin-producing cultures on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in fresh beef sausage

Extending the Shelf Life of Meat Products

Branding - Supply Chain Alliance

Redesigning RTE Manufacturing Systems for Food Safety

Food Irradiation

Eating Patterns in Canada

Carbon Dioxide Stunning of Poultry and Swine

Clean That Is Seen

Technical Symposium 2009

October 1-2, 2009, Toronto, Ontario

Symposium Agenda

Speaker Biographies

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Keynote Speaker: Managing Listeria in the Ready To Eat Environment

Overview of Canada’s Listeria Rules and New Developments

International Regulation for Listeria monocytogenes Control in RTE Foods

Ecology of Listeria monocytogenes in RTE Environment

Environmental Non-Enrichment Rapid Listeria Test

Listeria monocytogenes: Biofilm Formation and Persistence in Food Processing Environment

Enhancing The Safety and Quality of Meat Products Using Bioprotective Cultures

Antimicrobial Agents to Control Listeria monocytogenes

Producing Listeria Safe Meat Products

Antimicrobial Processes to Control Lm/Postlethality Treatment: HHP, Pasteurisation, Cooking in Bag, etc.

High Pressure Processing: Commercial Scale Production with High Pressure Processing

Sanitary Equipment Design and Facility Construction

Good Sanitation Practices in RTE Processing Plants

Natural Antimicrobials in Sanitation

 The Value and Limitation of End Product Testing 

Technical Symposium 2008

September 18-19, 2008, Toronto, Ontario

Symposium agenda

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Advances in Meat Packaging: overview of new developments in meat packaging vacuum, MAP, CA packaging

Quality optimization through the use of minimal processing and MAP technologies

Advances in MAP (including CO): effects on physico-chemical, microbiological characteristics, shelf life

Modified Atmosphere Packaging: consumer perceptions and willingness to pay - opportunities for Canada's meat industry

Exhibitor 3: ALKAR RapidPak

Edible vegetable casing: development of a non-animal based casing alternative for the coating of various types of sausages under a continuous manufacturing process

Coextrusion technology: principles, regulation and actual applications

Active/Intelligent packaging systems: concept, applications, controlled release of antimicrobials

Exhibitor 6: PURAC America Inc.

Listeria Control Workshop

Meat Irradiation: impact on safety & quality

Meat Irradiation: global developments in food irradiation consumer acceptance

Seminar on U.S. Country of Origin Labeling

September 10, 2008, Toronto, Ontario

Seminar agenda


Presentation 1: Steve Lavergne, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Presentation 2: Mark Dopp, American Meat Institute

Annual Conference 2008

May 7-9, 2008, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Conference Agenda

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Product Tasting Reception - List of Exhibitors


Profiting from a Demographic Shift in the 21st Century
Meat Plant - 2020

Monitoring Foodborne Diseases and Retail Meats

John Baker and Lisa Mina (Beef Information Centre)

Anita Ivanauskas (Pork Marketing Canada)

Innovation in Meat Science and Technology

The Success of Supply Chain Integration

High-Pressure Processing: a non-thermal pasteurization method for food processing

Bringing a New Product to Market

Creating a Healthy Workplace

Research on Management of Specified Risk Materials

Delivering Your Value Proposition

Productivity Improvement Through Performance Management

Nutritional Attributes of Meat

Presentation of President’s Award

Presentation of Honourary Membership

Alumni Recognition Ceremony