About Us

About Us

For nearly a century, the CMC has represented Canada’s federally registered meat packers, meat processors and equipment suppliers. The Council provides evidence-based advocacy on behalf of its members. CMC works to secure and improve Canada's global meat competitiveness and, promote a balanced diet, which includes high-quality and nutritious Canadian meat. 

In 2016, red meat consumption and export represented $20.4 billion in GDP and supported 288,000 jobs in urban and rural communities across Canada. 

The Council is focused on key four priorities:

Member Services: A growing and sustainable member base fueled by value added activities.

Regulatory Context: Internationally competitive regulatory framework enabling and encouraging the Canadian meat industry to continue to achieve the highest levels of food safety.

International Trade: Competitive access for Canadian meat within Canada and to every market of export interest intrerest in the world.

Public Engagement: Recognize CMC as a trusted authority on all meat-related issues.