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Beef & Cattle

Cattle Slaughter

Canadian federally-inspected cattle slaughter declined in 2012 to 2.61 million from 2.89 million the year before.

Source: Canada Beef Grading Agency, Prepared by AAFC

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Cattle Exports to United States

The number of live cattle exported to the US at the end of 2012 reached 815,829 head.

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Beef Exports

Beef exports from Canada to all countries increased in 2010, by over 7% in both value and tonnage. The value of Canada's beef and veal exports is $1.42 billion, up from $1.26 billion a year earlier. Tonnage was 407,595 tonnes in 2010, up from 378,525 in 2009.

Shipments to the U.S. were 308,768 tonnes, an increase of 5% from 2009, this represented the majority of Canadian exports at 76% of total Canadian beef exports.

Key global markets, based on 2009 and 2010 purchases, are shown below.

Detailed export statistics, including tonnage and value in Canadian dollars, follow:

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Beef Imports

Beef imports were an estimated 167,806 tonnes in 2010, down from 172,331 the year earlier. Shipments from the U.S. in 2010 were 124,891 tonnes, up from 118,058 in 2009.

The Beef and Veal Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) for 2010 remained at 76,409 tonnes.

Details of the Tariff Rate Quota distribution follows (all numbers in tonnes):

Sources: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (1)

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (2)